The Perfect WordPress Installation

I love WordPress and so other 100 millions websites on the internet are using WordPress. As professional web developer, mostly i develop my clients website using WordPress and our custom-built framework CalibreFx. And with the 3 years of experiences of using WordPress, optimizing it, got hacked, and move to different hosting providers, i decided to compile […]

Optimize WordPress Blog

In order to have fast response WordPress based website you need to optimize it. By optimized the resources your website is not just fast but also effective to handle large traffic from your visitors. Previously i did write guide to improve your website performance, so if you feel adventurous to do it in technical way, please […]

WordPress Backup Database And Files

The next to do list after you have done configuring your WordPress or post some articles is WordPress backup. Regular WordPress backup is the wise thing to do and you have to make sure you put it in your to do list. Once a month or twice a month is reasonable you need to do WordPress […]